Precast/Prestressed Column Design Software

PPC Column Software is an easy to use program for the design precast/prestressed concrete columns based on the American ACI 318 Code/PCI Design Handbook and the Canadian CSA A23.3 Standard/CPCI Design Manual. The program has many features including an interactive section editor, several load input methods, 3D visualization of column elements and reinforcement, automatic envelope straining action calculations, and an organized text report. The software accounts for erection sequence, live load reduction, and column slenderness. It has several loading input tools including special loads such as thermal floor expansion effect and earth pressure. It has also an interactive corbel design tool.

Easy to Use Interface

3d graphical interface for column, corbels, reinforcement, loading, and reactions

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Interactive Section Editor

Interactive section editor with automatic tie layout and code check for rebar spacing and minimum reinforcement

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Auto Structural Analysis

Automatic envelope calculation including erection sequence effect and column slenderness

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PPC Column 1.02 is now Available

The new 1.02 Version can deal with multiple codes including the American ACI 318-11 and ACI 318-14 and the Canadian CSA A23.3-04 and CSA A23.3-14. It can deal with multiple rebar types including the American ASTM A615/A706 and the Canadian CAN/CSA G30.18. Available rebar sizes include the US-Imperial, the US-Metric, the Canadian, and the European ones. The analysis is much faster in this version. You can request a fully functional 30 day trial copy. Please contact us for any questions regarding the software.