PPC Column Software

Precast Prestressed Concrete Column Design Software

PPC column software is a user friendly computer program for the analysis and design of precast/prestressed concrete columns. The program performs the structural analysis and automatically defines envelope straining actions and checks the column section capacity based on the American ACI 318-11 and the ACI318-14 codes and the and the Canadian standard CSA A23.3-04 and CSA A23.3-14.. The program also assists the user to design the column corbels. As a precast design software, it can account for erection sequence as it enables the user to apply the column restraints and the dead loads in multiple stages to simulate the actual erection method. Beside traditional loads, it can handle floor thermal expansion/contraction effect on column and can automatically include live load reduction.

Program Interface

Precast Design Software

Main Program Interface

Program Levels

Feature Basic Plus
 3D visualization
Corbel loads
General loads
Erection sequence
Automatic envelop calculation
Slenderness effect
Automatic LL reduction
Precast & prestressing sections
Earth pressure Loads  
Thermal loads  
Corbel Design  
Column Drawings  


PPC Column Design Software Features

  • 3d graphical interface for column, corbels, reinforcement, loading, and reactions.
  • Easy to use section editor with an interactive section sketch including automatic check for reinforcement code compliance and automatic column tie layout.
  • Rectangular sections with either mild steel rebar, prestressing strands, or both can be analyzed.
  • Multiple rebar type including the American ASTM A615/A706 and the Canadian CAN/CSA G30.18 and multiple rebar size include the US-Imperial, the US-Metric, the Canadian, and the European ones.(New in v1.02)

Precast Design Software
Section Editor

Corbel Load Window

  • Easy input of column corbel data and its loading.
  • Several loading input methods including loading from corbels, general loading, earth pressure loads, and thermal floor expansion/contraction loading.
  • Implementation of erection sequence effect in terms of loading and supports.
Precast Column Design Software
Demand Capacity Diagrams
  • Slenderness effect based on the applicable code.
  • Automatic application of live or roof load reduction factors based on ASCE7.
  • Automatic calculation of the envelope factored straining actions at each section and reactions based on the applicable code load factors.
  • Easy to navigate output diagrams including, straining action, interaction, and utilization diagrams.
  • Column interaction diagrams at every section with the ability to export to a comma delimited text file.
  • Complete output text report with options to add utilization diagrams, graphical 3d reinforcement view, or cross section sketch.
3D Reinforcement View
  • Both imperial and metric units can be used. (New in v1.01)
  • An interactive corbel design tool.
Corbel Design Tool
Column Text Report

New features in version 1.03:

  • Several program levels and more license options including network license.
  • Produce Column drawing in a typical piece ticket format that shows all column dimensions and reinforcement.
Column Drawing