Software License Prices

The following prices are for a one year subscription standalone license installed on a single computer. These prices may be changed without advance notice.

Annual Subscription Price* BASIC PLUS
PPC Column Software
Precast Connection Software

* All prices are in US Dollars.

Multiple license discount: A 10% discount will be offered for each additional license up to a maximum of 40%, i.e., 2nd license will get 10% discount, 3rd one will get 20% discount, 4th will get 30% discount, 5th  will get 40% discount. Orders with more than 5 licenses will get 20% discount on the entire order. The discount is applied for the multiple licenses requested with the same order.

Software License Concept

Each software license is a single user subscription based one to activated on a single computer. Once the license is activated it will be tied to computer at which it was activated. Each license is valid for one year from the day of activation. Using the program will require the computer to be connected to the internet all the time as the program will periodically validate the license status. Once the license is expired, user will not be able to use the program. License can be moved to another computer after contacting us. Once the license is issued, no refund can be given. Users are strongly advised to request a free Trial copy before ordering the software to make sure that it meets their needs before proceeding with purchasing the license. The license key and the download link will be delivered immediately after the payment is received through e-mail. The download link and the license key can be also accessed through the “my account” page.

The software will be ready for you in few minutes:


Buy the license online using any major credit card. A user account will be automatically created for you at the checkout


After the purchase, you will immediately receive the download link and the activation key 


Install the software and activate your license using the activation key provided