Precast Connection Software

Precast Connection Software is a user friendly computer program for the analysis and design of connections commonly used in the precast concrete construction. The current version of the program contains eight different connections. Based on the connection configuration, the program checks the capacity of each of the connection components including weld, rebar, plates, and or concrete. The program is based on the PCI design Handbook /ACI 318 Code. The program has a 3D visual interface that helps the user to input the geometric data of the connection. The program also produces both the cast-in and the field hardware drawings and generates a comprehensive calculation report. 

Program Interface


The program can handle each of the following connections:

  • General Stud Plate: One of the most common connections in precast concrete construction. It is a rectangular plate with equally spaced studs under any 3D loading condition.
  • Panel Shear Connection: Rebar plate connection commonly used to connect two wall panels together. The connection can handle any in-plane loads.
  • Slab Connection: A commonly used connection between slabs or DT flanges. It consists of a plate with welded diagonal bars and it is capable of transferring in-plane forces.
  • V. Angle Connection: This connection is used to connect walls to the footing or to each others. It can transfer shear and/or tension forces.
  • Edge Angle Connection: It can be used to transfer out of plane force and commonly used to connect spandrels to walls.
  • Deformed Bar Plate: A plate with welded steel rebar that is normally used to transfer eccentric shear from the reaction of a steel beam.
  • Steel Tube Bracket: A rectangular tube that is yard welded to a steel plate with welded rebar. It is used to transfer eccentric shear and normal force.
  • Knife Plate: A partially embedded plate with welded rebar that is normally used as a support for wall panels.

Precast Connection Selection

Program Levels

Feature Basic Plus
General Stud Plate
Panel Shear Connection
Slab Connection
V. Angle Connection
Edge Angle Connection  
Deformed Bar Plate  
Steel Tube Bracket  
Knife Plate  

Program Features


  • 3D visualization of the connection with automatic geometry check.
  • A visual connection capacity status automatically updated after any change in geometry or loads.
  • Multiple rebar type including the American ASTM A615/A706 and the Canadian CAN/CSA G30.18, and multiple rebar size include the US-Imperial, the US-Metric, the Canadian, and the European ones.
  • Factored load calculator for easy calculation of the input loads based on the code load factors.
  • Automatic generation of the hardware drawings in styles typically adopted by the precast industry in North America.

Hardware Cut Sheet

  • Both imperial and metric units can be used.
  • A comprehensive text report for all the elements of the connection including weld, plates, rebar, and studs.

Text Report